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RE: [IP] When your child realizes what diabetes is....

Diagnosed at 10, I knew diabetes would shorten my life. Everyone I met as a
teenager told me about Uncle George or Aunt Louise who lost a leg or a foot
or a toe to diabetes.

But then I sort of forget it until one day when I was about 22, a newspaper
article about diabetes told me -- or I guess reminded me -- that I had
several times the normal chance of heart disease, blindness, kidney disease,

I remember where I was sitting when I read that article. I cut it out and
stuck it to my fridge with a magnet. Thereupon began a blue mood that lasted
for many years. I was so convinced I would die young that I wouldn't invest
in an IRA! (You have to be 59 to collect.)

A doctor I met about 10 years ago finally, a few years ago, persuaded me
that I wasn't doomed to a shortened life.

My point here is that whatever we tell children with diabetes may be
"forgotten'' or denied, and maybe that's the only way to get through a
childhood w/ diabetes. Eventually, for most of us, the meaning of diabetes
kicks in, and kicks in hard.


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