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[IP] RE: Mini Med

For the Record:
I choose a Mini Med pump over three years ago because I liked the 
technology used, the way it was presented, the really great website (which 
told me they had progressive techies) and the look of the pump.   For all 
my very recent problems ordering supplies, I never had a problem with the 
pump itself.  One time it gave some wierd alarm, at 2:00 pm on a Sunday 
afternoon, and I called the 800 number.  A wonderful person carefully 
walked me through how to fix the problem in less than a minute.  And never 
a problem since.  I have a 507.  Takes many lickings (even a swim in the 
toilet one time, what a panic that was) and keeps on ticking.  I have 
learned that every six weeks or so, I will get a no delivery alarm and I 
had better be ready to put in new batteries when that happens.

I am sure Disotronics is just as realiable.   What we HEAR ABOUT are the 
problems, not all the satisfied customers.  So remember to make up your own 
mind based on your own research.   There will always be a few lemons 
Bonnie Richardson

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