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RE: [IP] When your child realizes what diabetes is....

I can talk to you as the mother of a little boy who was diagnosed
diabetic at the age of 13 Monthes.

He is now 2 year and a half ! We are living in Switzerland near Lausanne
and maybe it's quite different here as the pump was given to Arthur
automatically, it's here in Switzerland the choosen way to manage
diabete with little children.
and we are very very happy of it !

To come back to the subject, I can tell you that I'm not at all afraid
of explaining the complications that could happen to my little son. I
think that the most important is always to be honnest.

Already when he was so little (13 Monthes) I was explaining him what we
were doing and why !
I also told him that his father and me were sad of what happened to
him,  but that we were going all together to manage his disease as best
as possible and that his life will be great and so valuable.

For example,  he's giving me his little finger before I'm asking him, he
knows that after he can eat !  (we are making 6 finger tips a day if no
problems.). He knows that we accept his disease that nothing is hidden

Of course, I'm afraid of the future, of the school, of when he will
manage it alone but we still have time to think of it ! one thing after
another !

Like Sherry wrote, I'm convinced that what is so important is not to
forget to tell our children "You know I am so proud of you!"

regards, Natacha

sorry for my English, French is my mother tongue...

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