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Re: [IP] uni-solve help

You might want to try a product called goo-gone. It comes in a bottle and
works great. My daughters dietitian has a pump and uses it and told us about
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From: Laura Arns <email @ redacted>
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Date: Monday, December 20, 1999 7:17 PM
Subject: [IP] uni-solve help

>Shane has trouble with his sets sticking too well (if you can believe
>that), even without skin prep or extra tape. Lately he has been rubbing
>and picking at the gunk, causing red irritated skin. We thought we would
>try some uni-solve to help with getting the gunk off. Have called MM
>twice and they say they are sending out samples but after a month, still
>no samples. I figured it came in little packets like the skin prep and
>alcohol swabs. Can someone tell me is this incorrect? Is it possible
>that it just comes in a bottle and thus they cannot send samples? If it
>does just come in little packets, would someone be willing to send us
>one to try? D tells me they do not carry this product. Some people have
>suggested baby oil or nail polish remover but Shane seems unwilling to
>try these (says he doesn't like the smell).
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