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[IP] uni-solve help

Shane has trouble with his sets sticking too well (if you can believe
that), even without skin prep or extra tape. Lately he has been rubbing
and picking at the gunk, causing red irritated skin. We thought we would
try some uni-solve to help with getting the gunk off. Have called MM
twice and they say they are sending out samples but after a month, still
no samples. I figured it came in little packets like the skin prep and
alcohol swabs. Can someone tell me is this incorrect? Is it possible
that it just comes in a bottle and thus they cannot send samples? If it
does just come in little packets, would someone be willing to send us
one to try? D tells me they do not carry this product. Some people have
suggested baby oil or nail polish remover but Shane seems unwilling to
try these (says he doesn't like the smell).
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