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Re: [IP] When your child realizes what diabetes is....sorry so lo ng

Dear Sherry, 
Just wanted to let you know that a lot of the teen I have seen with DM also 
"fake" their numbers once in a while. You are correct that most are more 
mature because of their condition but it also is normal for teens to "rebel" 
in one way or another at that time in their lives. As a matter of fact, the 
diabetic educator's daughter, now age 12 and dx. at age 3, went to the nurses 
office complaining of highs because she did not want to go back to class. She 
actually had a bunch of normals or wasn't testing at all. Boy was her mom 
mad....and embarrassed! My daughter, age 13, has also made up a few #'s but 
is pretty good most of the time...at least if she doesn't forget to bolus! 
Anyway glad to hear that your #'s came out OK after all.
take care.
(mom to 14 y/o type 1 and a physician)
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