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[IP] Reporting Back from the Surgicenter...

Greetings All:
      Well despite ignoring our CDE's suggestion (sorry Gary!)that we 
increase Melissa's basals to offset a "stress-related" bg rise during her 
surgery today to extract 4 wisdom teeth ( none were impacted), we did 
amazingly well! I figured that I could always bring down a too-high bg, but 
if she couldn't eat, I was VERY leery of her going low, especially since she 
kept going low all day yesterday, and she rarely "spikes" from stress anyway!
     At 11:30 last night she was 90, so I had her drink a glass of milk and 
have a biscotti without bolusing. At 8:00 am today, she was 260, so I had her 
bolus 2 units to drop 80 points & sure enough, at 10:00 she was 184. We'd 
lowered her 6:00 -11:00 am basal from 1.1 to 1.0, so when we checked at noon 
& she'd dropped 60 POINTS, I was NOT as comfortable as I'd been at 184, but I 
knew that her next basal of .8 was about to "kick in". She also wasn't about 
to suspend the pump or make any further changes, believing she'd be fine, so 
I had to take that "leap of faith". I checked her one last time at 1:00 & she 
was 112....
    They checked her during surgery and she was 100, and 117 when we saw her 
in recovery at 3:30. Two hours later, snug in her bed, but moaning about the 
discomfort of having a mouthful of gauze, she was 132.....And she was just 
103 when I checked at 7:30....
    Hasn't eaten a thing since 11:30 last night (20 hours!).....so all in 
all, a successful day & yet another testimonial to the intrinsic beauty of 
pump therapy versus MDI when dealing with hospitals!

Regards, Renee ( a weary pump-mom today!)
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