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[IP] When your child realizes what diabetes is

On Mon, 20 Dec 1999 Sherry Webb Nolan <email @ redacted>

>Well, I can't tell you as a parent, but I can tell you as a child who
>was diagnosed at age 4.  (age 23 now)

diagnosed at 2, age 40 now...

>In my experience, although I wouldn't wish this disease on anyone, I think
>the people who deal with it the best are the ones who are diagnosed before
>age 5.  Mostly because we don't remember what it was like not to have it.
>Or at least not much.

Boy am I glad I read this here.  I've felt this for a very long time but could 
never put into words because 'you think little kids should get it!'.

>Yes, I know the fear of those numbers as they pop up on the blood testing
>machine.  But I learned at a young age that it isn't the single high number
>once and a while that you have to worry about but the longer string in a
And at least now we have the ability to get those numbers.  38 years ago this 
stuff wasn't even in our dreams.

>Most just need a "You know I am so proud of you!" once in a while. :)

I know for myself by the time I was ten or twelve I was handling food and 
whatnot relatively on my own (mom made dinner but how much I ate was up to 

When I went to college my mother was sure my life was over but my dad (thank 
G-d) had given me enough training and trust to make it.

Number one thing is to teach as much as possible and make sure the value of 
testing and keeping under control is understood.  ALSO: I think going to a 
diabetic camp was a BIG wake-up call for me: I'm not the only little kid in 
the world that takes shots.  We can all do it and be OK!!

Along with today's technology is today's checking of sugars and glycosolateds 
and the like.  This can be a two edge sword.

I would, again, say that one starting out young is not going to feel the 
'freedom' of pre-shots/pre-diet/pre-stuff and so isn't going to suffer from 
the 'loss' of freedom.


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