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[IP] Pump it up.... is that a cliche?? - mildly long, sorry :)

To all pumpers on this page,

I would like to say thank you to all of you and hopefully spread some of the
old Xmas cheer around from my side of the world.

I was diagnosed 5 years ago IDDM and was superbly controlled at the
beggining... aren't most of us. Then my lifestyle got in the way.... my work
which is my passion took over my life and I went from a Hba1c of 6.4 to one
of 16.2 in January this year (Good grief, I felt the vacuum as you all
gasped:) That as you can imagine is not one that I am particularly proud of
although my doctor still can't believe I was standing..... at 110lbs then,
neither can I. I decided to throw it all in, I had a midlife crisis (I am 22
btw) and quit my job, life everything that was killing me not so slowly. I
through a close friend who is on this list as well and I hope is reading
this I managed to get a job as a counsellor with the Joslin Foundation in
MA, this is the turning point of my diabetes career. Seeing 8-10 year old
kids who were happy and fulfilled and energetic made me realise I really had
no excuse and I started working on myself and my diabetes, I read late into
the night and learned everything I could.... I also managed to get myself a
pump... something I knew would get me killed back home... I am from South
Africa and pumping is not a accepted practise in Diabetic management
unfortunately. I came back home to the disdain of my doctor with more on my
hip than excess baggage (although I am proud to say that I had put on about
30lbs with good control and lots of food and exercise.. that is in 4 months
btw....:) my doctor all but shunned me with the comment of "we will see what
you Hba1c is... I hope you kept the receipt" I led a normal life for the
next 3 months, I wasn't going to do anything out of the ordinary to keep my
Hba1cs down, that would be cheating. But down it came..... I had the test
done last week and I was 5.4!!! Can you believe it? Now this is where all of
you come in... sorry you did know you were in here right?? I now use your
information and posts to teach others about pumping in my country, I talk at
hospitals and to doctors and I can garuntee you that there isn't one talk I
give where an answer hasn't come from this list.... Since I am the only
pumper in my country at the moment, I need all the info I can get:) Thank
you for that. I
feel that you have helped me in more ways than I will ever be able to say...
and if pumping does become a reality in SA as it is slowly doing (Speech at
the Youth Diabetes group in Feb.... wish me luck:) it will be partly to the
people on this list.

Thank you for reading this far.. I wish I had a gift......... I can do a
nice smiley 8->

Kind regards for Y2K & Xmas, catch you all in the New Century...

Ian Tilly

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