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[IP] Logic Minded Magic?

Hey Pumpers-
I've been using 2 parts Regular to 3 parts Humalog in my pump in an effort 
to prevent 'pump bumps', etc.  Works 'okay' - barely.  I've been convinced 
to give up my Tenders in favor of Rapids and to try straight Humalog once 

I have a lot of basal rates and am wondering if there is some RELATIVELY 
easy way to change all my basals.  Currently I need to count all those long 
Regular 'tails' into every basal I calculate.  I tend to go low.  I start to 
figure this out but I tend to be like cat with a ball of yarn.  I'm not even 
going to attempt this until somebody emails me directly at 
email @ redacted and at least gives me some ideas.  (I get the digest 
and sometimes miss things.)  Thanks for any help.  And by the way, Happy 
Holidays to all.
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