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[IP] Infusion sets for thin peoples...re:bent catheters

 Now, this is one I can help on:-)
 I don't know who wrote the original post, but here is
my opinion...I started with sof sets, they were
uncomfortable, so I switched to sils. Those too were
uncomfortable, and micros were available, so I tried
those...well, even though I wsa mixing sils and micros
I was having a lot of painful sites and high BG's
(remember my months of HELL in Sept-Nov? started by my
uti?) well, then I tried bent needles, which were ok,
but you could feel them the odd time, but I didn't
switch to those b/c it irritated my skin..but HEAVEN
Has been found!!! If you're thin, and having probs
with infusion sets or crimping, I recommend trying the
6mm rapids. I was told they thgouth most of the probs
I'd had was all because of infusion sets and me being
thin, which is likely, my bg are WONDERFUL *overall*
lately! I am switching to 6mm rapids and just waiting
for insurance and an order of them. I was skeptical of
rapids b/c they dont' disconnect and my pump is a MM,
but that is sooooo easy witha  waterproof case! Also,
there is comfort in knowing I have a needle in me and
it is IMPOSSIBLE for the needle itself to bend...and
with the 6mm you can't even feel it whatsoever...took
me 6 months about to find my infusion set, but BY
JEEVES I'VE FOUND IT!!!! 6mm rapids and b/c of
showering i have a definite length...110cm tubing. The
only issue now is getting m roe before I run out, but
I don't care, if they don't come by Friday (which i
think Disetronic said they would..but i have stopped
trusting pump companies) I will have to use some of my
old micros and sils, which is no biggy b/c at least I
have the comfort of knowing what *will* work once they
arrive on my doorstep:-)
 If you're thin and hvaing probs with sets, do NOT let
that deter you! Don't be afraid of having a "needle"
in you or it not disconnecting, it sure beats the
 Well, I should go change my rapid, speak of the
 Type 1--3/7/89
MM Pump--6/28/99

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