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Subject: [IP] When your child realizes what diabetes is....

Jenna is 10, a little older than Lauran, but I still haven't been very
"thorough" in explaining diabetic complications.  I've told her that high
blood sugar all of the time can hurt lots of parts of her body, but if we
keep working to keep it down, everything will keep working fine.
Interestingly, she has a friend, who despite the pump, has pretty high
sugars all the time (and a very casual attitude toward the whole thing), and
Jenna told me, very solemnly one day, that this child was in for "everything
in her body to quit working."  I don't know that she needs the gruesome
details of dialysis or a foot ulcer to appreciate the importance of good
control, and already seems to understand the point.  And, from Laura's
comments, I bet she does, too.

Nancy Morgan

<<I want to ask parents of children who were dxed at a very young age when
how their children became aware of the possible complications of diabetes.
Laura is 6 .
I want to sit her down at some point and explain to her.  But at what age?
How?  Has anyone lived through this who can give me some advice?  When
people ask Laura how can she take all those shots a day, she says "well I
don't want to die" with a smile on her face, so she does know there are
consquences to her actions and non-actions.>>

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