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[IP] Bent catheters

Your diabetic educator gives up too easily!  There are a bunch of skinny
kids on this list who have found SOME infusion set that works!  You don't
say what sets you've tried - my skinny 10 year old uses Tenders (same as
Silouettes) - I like that we can control the depth of insertion.  Others use
the Micros, cause they're short.  You can find a solution to this problem,
I'm sure!  Hang in there.

Nancy Morgan

<<Diabetic on multiple shots.  I tried to start the Minimed
508 last month but the catheter kept bending at a 45
degree angle.  My diabetic educator gave up and told
me to wait until mid January to try again. She thinks I'm
too thin.  I think the catheter
isn't too hot.>>

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