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[IP] Re: SUB #5

What an interesting debate. I can sort of see both sides of this. On one
hand, you paid for a "new" pump and that's what you should get, not a
pre-owned factory refurb job. I too would be constantly wondering WHEN
not IF, a refurb is going to fail. If they are going to permanently
stick you with a used pump, then they should also refund you the price
difference between them!  However, I don't understand the desire to have
your original pump back. It was already defective in one way, so I would
be worried that it had other problems as well. My personal preference
would be for MM to send a brand new, not refurbed or pre-owned, pump. Of
course after all you've been through so far, you may not trust their
word that a pump is "new"...
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