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> Hi, Jane,
> With all due respect, I don't understand why you don't wait and see
> whether this one works OK. And if so, why you don't just KEEP it, and
> not worry about the original.
>  Natalie A. Sera

    I already stated my personal preference in NOT wanting my original back
which I sent to MM in October. If I bought a new car and it malfuncioned,
and the mfgr. replaced it with the same color, interior, accessories,
everything, why would I want the original back? We are not replacing human
beings with souls, or even a beloved pet. It is a mechanical device with a
warranty that means it will be replaced or repaired. Sounds like MM IS
    Many times ONE person will change policies for EVERYONE. If a lawsuit is
brought against MM for delivering workable, satisfactory substitutes -- who
will win? I know someone who was in a car accident and went to a
chiropractor resulting in over $7,000.00 care. Their policy was changed so
NO ONE can now see a chiropractor.
     Was there a GUARANTEE that your original would be returned? And as far
as the 12 weeks is concerned, if they did return the orig. before that time
and it again malfunctioned, how happy would one be with that?
    I agree with Natalie -- besides, I'm using, and am happy with, my
substitute MiniMed 507c motorcycle helmet material, blue pump: *Pumpkin.*
    Jan H

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