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Well, what I thought would be an easy eye MD checkup and thought I would walk 
out of the MD's office with a new prescription.  

To my surprise, I was diagnosed with the beginning stages of a detached 
retina at the edge of the macula.  Definitely a result of the laser surgeries 
I have had for retinopathy, but most likely started when I had thef flu on 
August 28th and couldn't keep anything down all day.  They are just watching 
it for now because my vision is still between 20/25 and 20/30 with glasses.  
When questioned, they said there was nothing I could do to prevent the 
surgery.  Just keep on doing what I'm doing.  Last A1C was 7.3.  They 
explained the surgery involves taking the vitreous fluid out of the eye, 
replacing it, removing the scar tissue and placing a gas bubble in my eye to 
flatten out the retina.  MD stated if it were on the outer edges of the 
macula they wouldn't worry about it, but because of where it is they have to 
watch is closely.  It's not IF I have surgery, it's WHEN I have the surgery.  
I thought I was doing great as I have not had any hemorrhages since being on 
the pump X 4 years.    I just received my 508.  I was using the 506.

I know God only gives challenges to those he knows can handle it and receive 
his awesome wisdom while going through the trial.

This is a request for anyone that wishes to do so, please pray for me and the 
doctor that is following this.    This brings thanks and wishes for a 
glorious Merry Christmas and a wonderful Y2K.  
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