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[IP] infected site?

I know , I know...the answer is SOMEWHERE in the archives, but I just don't
feel like searching!

geneva changed site last night.  numbers have been over 220 all day except
for 159 around lunchtime.  she is also eating like a
horse...cookies/candy/you name it ...holiday junk!!!

her old site is red, with a 'whitehead' or 'pimply' appearance.  she says it
is slightly tender when she presses on it.   we put bacitracin / bandaid on
it when we changed the site yesterday and have been reapplying all day

the question is:

at what time do we just give in and go see the MD to get antibiotics?  (god
I hate this)

when should we assume that it is indeed a full blown infection?

we are applying heat via those "WARM PACKS"  that you can get  at sports
shops for .99
great thing to keep on hand in the old pump supply box for possible

thanks guys!
ruth and geneva

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