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[IP] Research Paper/ Nicole Johnson Response

This is the rply I got back from Nicole Johnson on how she felt when she was 
first diagnosed and how she does living with diabetes.  I thought all of you 
might enjoy this.  Take care!

Here is some of my basic information.......
I have had diabetes for 7 years.....I have been wearing a pump for the
last 3.  I wouldn't  go back to shots for the world!  The pump has given
me so much freedom and liberation.  For example, right now I am in Tokyo,
Japan.  I just flew over 20 hours and had no problems with my diabetes. 
I have been able to adjust my dosage and basal rates according to the
time zone I am temporarily in.  That is wonderful!  
I think you also asked my about emotions.......
When I was diagnosed, I had a very poor outlook on my diabetes and life
in general.  I really thought that I was going to die and lived life that
way for many weeks/months.  However, one day a very influential person
told me that I was letting diabetes control me rather than me controlling
diabetes.  That simple comment changed my life and helped me make a turn
around.  Today, I know that attitude is half of the battle.  If you are
not in acceptance of yourself, diabetes and all,  you cannot succeed.  I
have taken that approach to every other area of my life and subsequently
am living a very full, wonderful and successful life.  I hope that
explains part of my perception of emotion/attitude/mind power and
It is sad that many people get caught in the depression/denial phase of
living with an illness and never seem to find their way out.  The process
is difficult and tedious, but worth every ounce of energy.  
Good luck with you project -- let me know if I can provide you with any
other information.  
God Bless You!
Nicole Johnson
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