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[IP] Fw: Re:Which Pump to buy ?

Hi !

I am almost sure that not everyone of you knows that Disetronic has also
second pump, called Dahedi 25. they bought of Dahedi medicals in Europe
and their pump. They don't have this info on any of their site, but if
you email them that you want info they will send it. I think that this
pump was just aproved for USA market. Here in Europe is only sold in
Holland and Germany. Pump is much more similar to Minimed 508 (minimed
is a little better on some points, but also dahedi has some good
points). Price is the same as Disetronic, but you get also 2 pumps. If
you need more info, look on www.diabetesnet.com, there is comparision of
all 6 pumps on market, or soon to be on market (all around the world).



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