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[IP] kids/growth/raising basals for that time

>comparable scenario a few months back with Melissa &
> now once again she's beeen running into lows every day for the past
> days.

just to put our 0.2 in here.

geneva had wonderful NIGHT time numbers for the first time last week,  but
like melissa,  was also running low at school during times when normally she
is normal to high.

but this am...after doing a site change last night...she is in the 200's
despite a correction this am and not eating breakfast.  this time I just
upped her basals for the whole day and we will monitor closely.

I have decided that when this growth thing happens we have to get
aggressive.  no more trepidation.

even geneva said to me this am..."mom, I am growing,  let's just raise my
basals and get on with it!"

geneva's mom

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