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[IP] Customer Care From Pump Companies

I am a new MiniMed pump user.  I have a new 508 pump that arrived a few 
months ago.  It arrived just as I watched the threads about others receiving 
new 507c pumps and being upset because they were unaware of the new model 
being released.  My pump had the minor software glitch and an alarm problem, 
both of which I received several calls from the company about, and the 
problems were quickly dispensed with.  In my situation, because of the timely 
attention I received, I was not concerned about either of the problems.  I 
have also followed the various posts regarding poor service on pump repairs 
and the ensuing lack of customer service.

My pump is problem free so far and I am a satisfied customer.  But here's the 
part where I get curious.  I am a patient of an endocronologist who directs a 
hospital-based diabetes care unit.  As in most situations involving large 
companies and customer service, it occurs to me that my level of customer 
satisfaction may be related to the fact that as a patient of a large, 
influential diabetes practice, someone is paying special attention to the 
hospital's pump users because of the impact that poor customer service would 
have on their pump recommendations.  Those folks who are dealing with the 
pump companies one-on-one are operating without that leverage.

Wouldn't it be interesting to see a correlation between how pump users are 
treated and whether they are patients of a large practice (hospital or 
otherwise) or whether they are basically out there fighting for service on 
their own?

I'm not sure how, or whether it's worth trying, to gather the information.  I 
feel very sorry for those who are getting the royal run-around, and I would 
be just as outraged as they are if I was in the same situation.  And maybe 
I'll find myself in their shoes one day.  In any event, I was just trying to 
reconcile how it can happen that two universes of customers can receive such 
diametically opposed care.
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