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eric p autio wrote:
> HI,I just got my results for my first A1c after starting the pump.I am kind
> of disappointed,MY before was 7.7 and the after is 7.6. I thought it would
> be much lower.I feel great now,I lost 10 pounds since I started on the
> pump.I guess I was expecting too much too soon.I just thought I would post
> the information.

Hi, Eric,

Don't be disappointed -- you're doing WELL. It's not unusual for the A1c
to even go UP for the first post-pump measure, because you don't really
have your basals down pat, AND you still haven't learned all the ins and
outs of carb counting on the pump (different from on shots for a good
number of people), nor using the pump with exercise.

My A1c pre-pump was 5.8, and first one post-pump was 6.4. That's a
distinct RISE, but it doesn't bother me for the reasons stated above.
The one after that was 6.1 -- but I'm almost positive it was higher than
pre-pump because I'm not running low during the night -- I think I had
hypos in my sleep on NPH.

As you get more experienced with the pump, and how YOUR body reacts to
food and exercise with the pump, I think you'll see an improvement. 

Hang in there! 
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