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[IP] Pictures

Hi Everyone,

I got some pictures of last Friday in today and just HAD to post them
online!  So here they are....


Kristina and her Pump!

Monday we'll start insulin!!  I'm glad we had this week to use Saline
cause we really needed that time to adjust to alarms and set changes and
things!  It's been a good "practice" week and we're ready to start the
real thing!  We've been counting down the days of shots...  1 more
day!!!  after 9 years of shots.... over 10,000 shots... we are now
counting down to only one more day of shots... about 5 more shots and
then no more... or only on rare occassions!!!  That is so incredible!  5
more shots and that's it!

Someday, maybe we'll be counting down the days to the last finger

Take care!



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