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[IP] Continuing Saga - Pumps and Kids

I've related many things about Lily's "pump life" to you over the last 
couple of years. The most recent thing that has occured is a giant 
decrease in night time basal requirements. Since her "honeymoon" was over 
almost 5 years ago, she has run night time basal rates between 0.9u/hr to 
1.1u/hr. A couple of months ago she started to have a pattern of ever 
lower night time bg's for which we have adjusted her basal rates 
downward. Nightimes are now 0.3u/hr -- the lowest ever. Daytime rates 
have not changed (interesting) and remain at 0.5 to 0.7u/hr as the have 
for a number of years now. You just never know what to expect! Her 
activities remain the same, lots of sports (varsity soccer right now), 
workouts on weekends, etc... The only changes appears to be the basal 
requirements. There does not seem to be any outside influence.

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