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Re: [IP] I need help!

> sting".  He is fine when he is sitting still but it seems to hurt him when
> he stands or twists about.  Do I need to remove it?  Is this  just the Emla
> wearing off and he's suddenly aware of it?  The only number I have for the
> trainer is a voice mail number so I would  appreciate any help.

There are two somewhat opposite problems that have been reported that 
cause this problem
1) set is too deep and is in muscle tissue where is hurts.
2) set is too shallow and is right under the skin where there are lots of 

Basically -- it should not hurt at all. That said, there have been 
numerous reports of stinging sensation when using saline (when there is a 

Best guess, try again. You might want to try a few ice cubes in a baggie 
for 4-5 minutes. Faster than EMLA and works just about as good.

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