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Re: [IP] HEMOGLOBIN A1c - Whoa!

Hi Eric and Ron -

Yes, I too have gained about 10 pounds since going on my pump.  But - as I
get better at this whole device, my A1C has continually gone down several
points everytime I have one done.  Just got my most recent results, and
(WHOA!) - my best ever - 6.6!!  Just found out on Friday.  Can you believe??
Yes, I was also disappointed with my first A1C, but as I have adjusted my
boluses , and practised counting carbs, I have continued getting better with
every blood test.  On Friday, when i went to my Doc's, she was just
delighted with the results of this pump.  She told me - this is the BEST
move  you've made for your diabetes!  Just praised it to the moon!  Lucky
for me, because I've been thinking of taking the whole thiing out  and
throwing it in the dumpster.  Thank God, I'm finally seeing some positive
effect of this thing.  Now - if I could just wrestle my pump back from

Yes, they have still not sent back my original pump - supposed to get it
back today, and last night slept on the sofa in the living room, so I'd be
sure to hear the mailman when he knocked on the door.  He got here bright
and early, and I ripped into that carton, only to find it was ANOTHER
substitute pump!  NUMBER 5 - I have all the dates written down and all the
serial numbers.  So, Monday I contact a lawyer.

In case I don't "talk" to you all before hand, understand that I wish all of
you a peaceful and wonderful Christmas season,  full of life and insulin.
Take care!!!!!    Jane

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