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I have been following the posting on weight gain, HgbA1C and the pump. My 
daughter also gained a bit but she is thin and needed to. Her HgbA1C however, 
went from 6.4 on shots (started age 12) to 10.3 last Oct. on the pump. She 
just turned 14 in Dec. and we have attributed this to a variety of growth 
spurts, prepubescent hormones, a few illnesses, and an occasional teen memory 
lapse. We went along for a couple more months with good BG 4-5 times a day 
and found her # went down only 2 tenths of a point! I finally had her go back 
to the before every meal, at bedtime, and two hours after meals testing 
pattern and we found out that she often has postprandial highs. Hopefully she 
will have a better reading this time. It has been pretty frustrating watching 
her great HgbA1C # creep up over the last year or two on the pump. Of course 
she doesn't walk around with BG of 20 any more either!
Well, just needed to vent. Thanks.
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