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[IP] Painful sites, was "I need help"

Hi Sharon,
Glad to hear the hookup is proceding sooner than you thought it might.  I
remember the first time Jenna started crying about a site hurting - and I
told her to get used to it.  We have since learned that a site that hurts is
probably in too deep and hitting muscle.  They really DO NOT hurt when
they're in, if they're in at the right depth.  So yes, I'd pull it out, and
go at a much shallower angle during insertion.  Good luck to you and Coble.

Nancy Morgan, nearby in Lenoir

<<He is wearing a tender set (D pump
pumping saline) which we inserted  an hour and a half ago using EMLA.
He began to complain of the site hurting "like a bee
sting".  Do I need to remove it?  Is this  just the Emla
wearing off and he's suddenly aware of it? >>

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