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[IP] grow up & mature

> remember, those of us who have had to deal with JD grow up and mature much
> quicker
> Cheryl
> 36yo, IDDM since age 5

I think much of that has to do with the maturity of the parent. I was dx'd
at 11.5; gave myself my first shot at 16 because a friend INSISTED I do so I
could stay all night with her. Mom gave me my shots until I was 18 when she
ran an umbrella rib up her thumb and was in a cast. I was not encouraged to
follow a diet nor was it prepared for me. I was not encouraged to do urine
tests. I wasn't sent to camp and went 5 years before I met another JD
(thinking I was the only one in the world - then I knew there were 2).
Everything was done for me - even as far as household chores. It has
affected me my entire life. I believe I have been given wisdom and a certain
level of maturity, but those early years when I should have been
trained/disciplined, cannot be recovered. And, yes, divorce does affect
kids. My father left when I was 6 mo. old and for the most part stayed out
of our lives. That missing father also can never be replaced, nor was he
ever.  I struggle continually with self-esteem and that little mother
standing on my shoulder whispering in my ear. She has deserted me I believe
because facing me throws a lot of guilt her way.

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