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[IP] Pump being repaired since August 8th?

Hi all
I have learned, from my doctor and from my pharmacist,
that whenever I am having trouble with any kind of
medical supply, I call up the supplier, manufacturer
etc. and firmly ask for satisfaction, as it is "A
doesn't work, I say, "I'll have to call both the FDA
and the State Insurance Commissioner and Health
Depts...  Remmeber, pumps and supplies are MEDICALLY
NECESSARY, and whenever a medical supplier is not
acting appropriately, a call to the FDA is in order. 
The medical community generally pricks up its ears
when it hears FDA, so use it often.  In fact, I would
suggest that 1) a call to the FDA is in order, and 2)
that another to Your state dept of health and the
state dept of health of the company (ie California for
Minimed and Minnesota for Disetronic).  You gotta be
tough with these guys.  Good luck.  Cheers.  Steve

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