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[IP] I need help!

I've mainly been a lurker at this site in preparation for my 6-year-old son
starting the pump.  We have a start date of Jan. 3 and today we had our
first training session with our trainer.  He is wearing a tender set (D pump
pumping saline) which we inserted  an hour and a half ago using EMLA.
Everything was fine until we got home and after being in the car for a while
he was up walking and began to complain of the site hurting "like a bee
sting".  He is fine when he is sitting still but it seems to hurt him when
he stands or twists about.  Do I need to remove it?  Is this  just the Emla
wearing off and he's suddenly aware of it?  The only number I have for the
trainer is a voice mail number so I would  appreciate any help.

Sharon, Coble's mom

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