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[IP] Re: Erinn's anniversary and waste disposal ?

> From: Erinn <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] happy anniversary to me
> well, it's 15 years today...15 years ago i was a very sick 7 year old.
> today my parents and brother and i are going out to celebrate.
> Erinn

Hope you had a fantastic celebration!!  I think I will be more aggressive with my family
this year (nicely) and make it clearly known that I want to celebrate and have them do it
with me.  I could wait a year for the 15th, but I think the 14th is just as good a time
as any.  That way, they will have a year of practice under their belts for the 15th.

Congrats, Erinn, on this achievement!

> ok guys...question for you. i'm done with college and at college i got free
> huge 2 gallon toxic waste disposal containers. now, i don't. so, they are
> majorly expensive and i was wondering what you all use to dispose of your
> needles, and pump stuff, etc.

I buy a small sharps container for the needles from the sets and pump syringes.  I have
literally only bought 2 of these in 4 years of pumping, and they cost about $5 per
container.  The tubing and the bodies of the syringes don't come in contact with any body
fluids.  Those I put in the trash.


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