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[IP] Skiing & meter (was Thanks)

>I would just suggest he keep plenty of quick sugar and his meter in the
>fanny pack.  A hand warmer to keep the meter warm or help warm fingers
>that are a bit too cold might be a good idea also

I don't know which kind of meter he has, but since some are more
tempramental than others about cold temps, you might want to consider
putting a sock on it (  :)  ) & pinning it inside his clothing, say above or
below the waistband of ski pants, where it's least likely to be in the way
of motion & least likely to take an impact when falling.  Not that he's
going to fall at all, mind you <been there...vbg>, but when it does happen,
we tend to curl up & seldom if ever leave the tummy/groin area unprotected.
(Yes, I perfected the "falling" technique through hours of rigorous
practice...all intentionally, of course!

I don't know for sure how hand warmers & meters treat one another, so I
can't say on that one- hopefully someone out there has experience to
contribute.  I do know that good old-fashioned body heat tends to keep them
pretty cozy & content, at least in my experience.  Oh, & I'd make sure of
having a spare meter (or two!) with you where you're staying (maybe one on a
relative skier when you're out on the slopes?) so if anything goes wrong
with the first, you've got a backup within easy reach.  In the area where
the lessons are taught there may be a designated "first aid area" (handy for
bunnies) where medications, etc. can be kept that provides warmth & easy
access...that might be worth looking into.

Happy skiing, Justin!

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