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[IP] AIC and other blood tests

So my doc did a CBC, SMAC, AIC and some other tests in hopes of ruling out
some other gastro-problems involving kidney, liver, gallbladder, etc.... all
of those came back normal, so that at least was good news.

This was my second a1c since starting the pump:  8.1
Kind of disappointed but it is still down from the last, 8.8 (10.0 pre pump)
My meter average is about a 160 so this # wasn't really unexpected.  I don't
think ever in my years of D I've ever had an A1c less than 7 - I just hope I
can break that "8" barrier for the next one!

As for stomach, my doc is sending me to a GI clinic early january but also
gave me some drug, name of which I can't remember, that reduces the
contractions of your intestines - I only tried it last night but it really
seemed to help so that was encouraging.  I am also on an acid reducer.

Now back to work... everybody have a wonderful weekend!


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