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Re: [IP] MM and repair of new pump

Thanks to all who sent responses to my frustration with MiniMed and my story
of four substitute pumps, which all stopped working (except one - which got
knocked on the floor by my opening the microwave door).

Renee - you must be something else! Today, a person from MiniMed called me,
and told me my pump has been adjusted and is ready to mail back.  AND - oh,
by the way - when would you like to have it?????  Well, so far, I've been
told Monday to Friday is the only day they can ship pumps.  Today, they
said - we can send it to you tomorrow (Saturday) if you would like!  I
said - are you kidding????  I'd like it TODAY, but tomorrow will be OK.
WHOOA! the power of this list - but I'm waiting to see if I actually get it
tomorrow!  Thank you a thousand times (!) for your help!!!  I told MM
today - all I need for Christmas is to get my pump back!!!

WOW!  Thank you !!  And Merry Christmas!!!  Jane

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