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Re: [IP] Pump being repaired since August 8th?

How fitting that you guys are having problems with Minimed and their 
"customer service"...I returned a pump the first week of August with 
problems...it seemed that it was not delivering the right amount of insulin 
(I would have to take three or four times the amount of usual insulin in 
order to come down 100 points, only to have it shoot up again the minute I 
stopped bolusing).  Every test came out okay, so Minimed said...send the pump 
back, we'll figure out what's wrong with it, but it'll take a couple of 
months.  Four months later, I have heard NOTHING!!  I called a few weeks ago 
because of an unrelated problem, and when I asked them about my original 
pump, they assured me that it was probably still being worked on, and that I 
shouldn't expect it back for a little while.  "It'll take at least a few more 
weeks!"  I think this is a load of crap.  I am so frustrated.  Granted, my 
replacement pump works just fine...but it's not mine, I want my pump back!  
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