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Re: [IP] Pump being repaired since August 8th?

Hi Ellen -

Such a co-incidence you raise this issue right now, with me.  I just got my
pump January 17, 1999.  The "SEL" screens flipped by SO fast, I called and
asked about it, and MM said - OK, send us your pump, and "we" can adjust it,
but OH - by the way - it'll take 12 weeks, but don't worry - we'll send you
a substitute pump to use.  OK - I sent my pump in Sept 18, and they received
it Sept 28 (after I got my substitute).  OK, one month - I called.  While MY
original pump has been being repaired, 4 substitute pumps have failed!!!!!
I have talked to MM constantly, and I suggest you do the same.  Today, MM
called me and said my original pump will be mailed back tomorrow
(Saturday!).  In the meantime, I've had to take time off work to receive the
various substitute pumps, have talked to supervisors (I thought to no
avail), but now Today, MM calls and says they'll return it tomorrow!  They
initially told me FedEx only delivers M-F.  I still believe they can't
deliver tomorrow. I don't think they will.

I have written down every serial number of every substitute pump that's
failed, the date  it's failed, and who I talked to about it.  I suggest you
do the same!  I told my parents I was getting a lawyer to deal with this,
becuase every day off to receive a pump costs me a day off work.  This has
been a terrible experience for a new pump, with only the commplaint of being
hard to adjust - but this is "customer service"???????  I don't think so!
Tell them what you think, and speak to a supervisor!!!!

Sorry, this is long - GOOD Luck!            Jane

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