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Re: [IP] Which Features To Choose?

Hello! Yes, each pump does do a great job - but you're right: they are 
different. I cannot speak too knowledgeably about the disetronic, other than 
most people who have it cite the fact that it's completely waterproof and 
you get two pumps.  I have a minimed 507c and I have been very happy with 
it. I have talked to others who have had problems, but my personal 
experience has been great. No problems with the pump clogging at all, and no 
other mechanical problems either. I had to get the MM because my doctor only 
dealt with them (I had been intending to try them both). But I use the 
square and dual wave bolus alot. Some people talk about raising the basal on 
the disetronic to imitate this, but for some foods I do a "three step" 
bolus: a dual wave with 2/3 now, 1/3 over 2 hours, AND and increased basal 
after that. So it works better for me. Some negatives to this are that you 
cannot bolus again while a square wave is delivering. You have to suspend 
the pump and start over. Anyway, this has never been a problem for me.  On 
the shallower side, I like the way the MM looks better. It's more like a 
pager. --Gianna

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