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Re: [IP] Re: Thanks

Been following the story a little about Justins trip and basal rates.  I'm a 
pumper of almost 2 years, IDDM since 9 months (32 years) and an avid outdoor 
exercise nut.  The key to finding what will work is just like everything else 
you have done...trial and error.  No matter what is done, frequent testing 
should be in the equation.  If he halves the basals, check in 30 minutes to 
see where he is.  I mountain bike.  I generally run 0.6 per hour, but on bike 
days I cut back to 0.1 or 0.2 depending on how I am rididng.  Sometimes I 
even have to suspend for :30 to get my levels back between 140 to 180.  Try 
and try again is the best advice.......Brick Smith
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