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Re: [IP] Re: Thanks

Your son may want to make sure that however he wears his pump keeps it 
completely insulated from the cold, including all tubing- my recommendation: 
Minimed's waist it or the equivalent either up against his skin or over a 
tshirt but under at least 1 or two other layers before his coat.  I also ski, 
and have been going over scenarios for this season (my first since pumping) 
for the last two months.  I plan to use the waist it over a tshirt (I can't 
wear velcro against my skin bc of irritation) and under a turtle neck tucked 
into my spandex ski pants then one piece suit over that.  Just make sure his 
tubing is all tucked in and protected from freezing.  You didn't say if he 
was going to a major ski area or a smaller area where he can easily get back 
to the lodge, whichever it is, be careful about keeping the insulin vial in a 
fannypack (possible to freeze) you may want to put it in an inside zippered 
pocket to keep it from freezing. I usually ski at a resort here in Pa which I 
can get back to the lodge usually within 1/2 hour or so at the longest, so my 
supplies will probably stay in a locker in the lodge - I will have to come up 
with a different plan when I go west I guess.
     Well, I hope this helps, but I think that he will probably do ok, 
remember, those of us who have had to deal with JD grow up and mature much 
quicker, I think he will do ok, given the chance.  Good luck, and tell him to 
ski one for me!  Let us know how things go!

36yo, IDDM since age 5 
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