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Re: [IP] Which Features To Choose?

>  It seems that most
> comment here on this list tend to be very careful about not openly
> advocating one pump over the other. I can understand the need for
> neutral opinions, but I need to look at the different features, as
> this will help me in my decision of which pump to choose. Surely
> there are significant differences in the technology such as
> waterproof capability, motor type, remote audio bolus, multiple
> basil rates, etc.

The differences are of little significance compared to function. Both 
pumps deliver insulin. Pretty basic. They are both reliable and both 
companies are reputable and treat their customers well. The 
differences are in effect almost cosmetic. Yes, the features are 
different, but they are more a matter of your personal preference 
than any medical or technical advantage when it comes to the "real 
world". Investigate throughly and pick the 
pump/features/people/service that you like. You really can't go wrong 
with either company, they are both great!

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