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[IP] pump start date

Well I had my first appointment with my new endo today.  My pump start date 
will be Jan 2.  He would have started me today but he is going on vacation 
until Jan 1 and didn't want any emergencies to happen while he was gone.  He 
also changed my insulin to Humalog.  I am to try it out for the next couple 
weeks to see how I react to it.  Then I will be using it in the pump.

Just to add my 2 cents on this pump war thing.  I chose what I chose for my 
own reasons.  I did massive research and weighed the pros and cons of each.  
And only one of the two pumps available met MY needs. But I am always 
interested in listening to people debate, I always learn something new.  
Toyota vs. Cadillac, Republican vs. Demacrat, Macintosh vs. PC, Nikon vs. 
Canon (my husband is a photographer and you should listen to them argue 
about cameras), Minimed vs. Disetronic.  There is no perfect solution to any 
one problem.

I hope all have a wonderful holiday.  I know mine will be exciting!!!  Can't 
wait for the new year and my pump!!

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