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[IP] Peace pump.

For arguments about D and MM we constantly hear that the D must be
twice as good, because you get 2 pumps, or MM must be better because
you only get 1.  Although I have been out of manufacturing for 25
years, I will guess that the difference in actual cost of building 1
or 2 machines is almost minuscule when compared to the selling price
of the units, which will mostly be made up of r and d, insurance,
service, marketing, etc.  My understanding is that the reason D
supplies 2, is that they must in Europe and that MM must do the
same, for the same price, when they sell there.

There are many reasons for using either.  I personally think having
1 or 2 is a minor one and I would still choose D, even if they only
supplied 1, as neither of mine has broke down in 6+ years.  There
are many things I like better about MM and would probably be a
staunch defender if I had chosen that originally.  YMMV

>I will stick by my thoughts
> about minimed because of my
> years of sales experience!!!     If someone offers
> you something for a
>price, And than someone else offers you something
> compatible but says they
>will give you two of them for the same price!!!
>Wouldn't you wonder if
>one item is as good as the other ,  I know I would
> !!!!!!

I think I get it.  You offer less, so it must be better.
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
If at first you DO succeed, try to hide your astonishment.
 - Harry F. Banks

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