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[IP] Pump being repaired since August 8th?


I had a problem with my pump losing time (>10 minutes/month) and therefore
sent it to MiniMed.  They received it on August 8th.  Since then, I have not
gotten it back.  I have called them in October and was told it wasn't the
full waiting time yet (12 weeks is the norm?).  Called in November and was
told they didn't know and would call me back ... never heard back and forgot
to call again.  Called just now (recent thread reminded me) and they still
don't know what happened to it.  It will take them a week to get back to me.
This is ridiculous.  I think I got a lemon pump because the first time I
sent it back they said they had to replace the system board.  They said
since they couldn't find any damage to the pump case, it was covered under
the warranty.  If they lost it, I wonder if I could get another NEW one (508
for my troubles?) from them (not a refurbished one).  The replacement one
they sent gets "no delivery" alarms for no apparent reason, I just want MY
pump back.

Has anyone else had this kind of problem with MiniMed?

Ellen Compell - Type II
MiniMed 507C since 1998
email @ redacted
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