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[IP] IPX 7 Rating

Thanks for the laugh, you had me in stiches this morning!    My husband
joins our 3 yr
old daughter (dx 12 mos ago) each night in the bath tub and his IPX7
rated Disetronic sits at the bottom of the tub for 30-45 minutes, fully
emerged.   Why don't you give that a try with your MM give the list an
update on its condition!

Nancy Crease

Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 23:35:52 EST
From: "Dan Betz, Sr" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Which Features To Choose?

Best of luck to you!!!! I might suggest that you pay a visit to the web
sites found on the IP web site for the mfg's. ask for the info and
on the respective products and decide what will fit your life style.
you can make the choice..In recent day's the general thought is that
have met the standards set for the use of these pumps. EX: The
standard for water resistance for both, D & MM, is IPX 7 rating. I'm
that both will do there best to show you what is on the market.   Happy
Holiday's. Dan B.

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