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[IP] Which Features To Choose?

I am more than slightly afraid to enter this dialogue but I'll contribute 

For myself the ability to provide a very high temporary bolus, as well as the 
ability to provide square and dual wave bolus, are highly important.

I remember back when I started pumping (20 years ago) that the German Hoechst 
pumps performed meal boluses as temporary (1 hour) basal rate changes.

This made so much sense to me that for 14 or 15 years I programmed the basal 
rates of my pumps to match meals in order to get better post meal results!  
(No, couldn't do this on original pump since the basal rate was a function of 
insulin dilution.  But with AutoSyringe MP had the ability (with work) to do 
equivelent of square wave bolus!  (Guess who pushed AutoSyringe for this 

Anyway the ability to perform square and dual for many of us is important so 
that is a consideration.  Another consideration is multiple basal profiles: 
excersize, sick, etc.  This is a pain with current (507c) pump but I'm hoping 
to find a good excuse for insurance to upgrade to 508.


Note that I didn't write which pump to choose as D is coming out with pump 
with these features shortly (or maybe already) and there are one or two new 
pumps with similar features also about to release.  YMMV on any of them as 
local sales reps, performance of individual pump (does it work) and all of 
this type of stuff is outside of my ability to predict.

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