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[IP] Re: doctors in the dark ages

> >Amazingly, some docs are still having their patients test their urine.
> Sadly, the healthcare system in my (also Shane's) hometown is so poor
> that it would not surprise me to learn that doctors there would have
> patients using Clinitest, or not testing at all.

Here's a scary fact for you:  When I was diagnosed at 16, I left the hospital w/o
any blood glucose supplies.  "Take your time in getting one," said my
pediatrician, "This way, you will know how to do urine testing in case you ever
have to use that to fall back on."  I went 10 months w/o a meter, testing urine
glucose several times a day and taking sliding scale shots of R and N.  When was
I diagnosed?  1965?  1975?  Nope.  1986.  Thank God I found the DCCT and some
medical professionals with a clue 2 years later. . .



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