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Re: [IP] RE: heart disease ...or no loaner on this pump

At 10:50 PM 12/16/1999  Anika Schon wrote:
 >dye, I beat the treadmill but still "flunked" the test, and thus ended up
 >getting the angiogram (where they stick a tube through an artery in the
 >groin and shove it up into the heart and use dye to take pictures) and there
 >they discovered that one of my three coronary arteries was completely
 >blocked, and had been so for some time. Fortunately, my heart compensated
 >and rerouted blood flow so I didn't have any dead ticker muscle (excuse the
 >technical  terms 8^P ) so they decided against blowing up any balloons in my
 >arteries (angioplasty) and I was excused from getting a chest zipper (from a
 >bypass) for the time being.

You just never know... been there, done that. I had the chest "unzipped" 
and a quintuple bypass, after a small heart attack almost 5 years ago 
(permanently sewed back up, when they were done). None of that stuff is any 
fun. I had no real symptoms before that, except for higher than normal 

The moral is, that if you are concerned, go to your doctor and get checked 
out. They may put your mind at ease by finding that it is nothing to worry 
about. But, if there is something wrong, the sooner you take care of it, 
the better.


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