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Re: [IP] Which Features To Choose?

Best of luck to you!!!! I might suggest that you pay a visit to the web 
sites found on the IP web site for the mfg's. ask for the info and video's 
on the respective products and decide what will fit your life style. Only 
you can make the choice..In recent day's the general thought is that both 
have met the standards set for the use of these pumps. EX: The international 
standard for water resistance for both, D & MM, is IPX 7 rating. I'm sure 
that both will do there best to show you what is on the market.   Happy 
Holiday's. Dan B.

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>Subject: [IP] Which Features To Choose?
>Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 23:10:14 EST
>I'm looking to go on the pump and I've been asked by my health care team to
>choose what I want. This process of reeducation and choosing the right
>technology is very intimidating. It seems that most comment here on this 
>tend to be very careful about not openly advocating one pump over the 
>I can understand the need for neutral opinions, but I need to look at the
>different features, as this will help me in my decision of which pump to
>choose. Surely there are significant differences in the technology such as
>waterproof capability, motor type, remote audio bolus, multiple basil 
>etc. It seems after all is done and you choose a pump model, that's the one
>you live with. So I'd like to hear what features of current technology have 
>definable role in improving control. talk about the features that you use.
>Any feedback on features would be of a great benefit to me as I need to 
>onto a pump in the next 6 months. I wish they would make one with all the
>best features.
>Will Coghlan
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