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[IP] Frustrated

Sorry list i just need to say i'm very frustrated!  I don't mean to whine, 
but i really feel the need!  Whine, whine, whine.  I woke this morning to 
Matt b/g being 285! No apparent reason, unless he'd had a low and this was 
the result?!?!  I did say allowed that i hate diabetes!  It is getting to me 
and were only approaching the 1 year anniversary of diagnosis and only been 
pumping since Oct 20th.  I knew i was going to get pay backs for saying how 
wonderful Matt was doing, how stable he'd been when 1st pumping!  I should of 
kept my mouth shut.  I'm fighting lunch highs, i keep lowering the carb 
ratio, not helping, changing what food is eatin, not helping, so yesterday i 
adjusted his morning basals, i hope this is it!  I just wish i could settle 
down with this and it not be a constant "fight".  Thanks for listening, i 
know were all in the same boat, and it stinks!

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